Days three and four

I will get caught up with this blog soon, I promise!  I’m running exactly a week behind.  Here goes…

Last Saturday was a mellow day.  We mostly hung around the hotel with the other families here and got to know our new baby boy!  He really is such a sweetheart.  In those first few days, he was very quiet and just seemed to be taking it all in.  He didn’t cry much and when we’d put him down for a nap, he’d fling out one little arm and go right to sleep.  He slept right through the night for the first several nights – if he woke, he’d soothe himself by jamming nearly his entire fist into his mouth.

There’s a man here named Fernando who is something of a jack-of-all-trades:  English/Spanish teacher, tour guide, Colombian culture expert, and cook.  Last Saturday he came to the hotel to make chocolates with the kids.  As you can imagine, it was a huge hit.

Chocolatey fun!

After lunch, we headed to a nearby park, where the kids ran around, climbed the bars, see-sawed, and generally blew off steam.

Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have these other two fantastic families here with us?  They’re both going home at the end of the coming week – I can’t imagine how empty the hotel will seem!

The next day, Sunday, was a highly-anticipated day!  It was our first chance to experience  Ciclovía, where major streets throughout the city are closed to cars and are filled with walkers, runners, bikers, and street vendors.  What an amazing way to see the city!  We had breakfast and then headed out.   Numbering ten in total, we are a bit of a sight wherever we go!


With Carol and Steve, honorary Bogotanos that they are, acting as our intrepid tour guides, we made our way through the streets until we arrived at the “Palacio de la Mazorca”, or the Corn Palace.  Though the palace is more of a slightly run-down tent, the corn truly is fit for a king:  huge, nutty, chewy kernels brushed with some magical buttery sauce.

E’s expression doesn’t do justice to the buttery goodness!

From there, we proceeded on to Usaquén, a marketplace on a hill packed with people and vendors of all sorts:  fruit, ice cream, traditional Colombian art, books, toys, jewelry…a shopper’s (and eater’s!) paradise!  We spent a delightful couple hours wandering around, sipping coffee, sampling empanadas, and playing on the field below.  We look forward to many Ciclovías to come!

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We are Michael and Megan. We live in Minnesota, have one daughter, and are keeping this blog to document the adoption of our second child, Miguel, from Colombia.
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